Lacy Alpaca Scarf – Secret Knitting vol1

Mustrimaailma Pitsiline salakudumine 2015
Hi again 🙂 I have not been knitting for couple of months, I couldn´t. In the beginning of May I was diagnosed with myocarditis and I was on bed rest with strict orders to actually rest in bed (instead of knitting). But I stopped knitting months before I was actually diagnosed because I just did not have the strength to do it 🙁 Now I have been resting (and eating medications) and feel much better.

I saw a forum post on (pattern world in estonian) that is one of the estonian forums for crocheters and knitters. The post was about a secret knitting projet, you know a project where at first you are given only a part of the pattern and after a while another part and another part. So that when you start knitting you actually don´t know how the finished item will look like. This time the subject of the secret knitting was a lace scarf. And, I thought that I would give it a go and see if I can start knitting again 😀

And here is the shawl after the first clue 😀
I chose white Lamana Piura (100g/800m) for the yarn and used number 3 needles.
When you look at the pictures and see that the yarn is not “white” white then you are absolutely correct, the color of the yarn is actually something between natural white and cream.

Secret knitting Lamana Piura baby alpaca lace shawl vol1

Lamana Piura baby alpaca lace shawl - Secret knitting vol1

And a small note about the shape – the two edges that are not on the knitting needle are actually the top edge (longest edge) of the shawl. It is knitted outwards from the center of the top edge.

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